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Truly , the good old days are coming back. Remember when the Doctor used to come to see YOU ! Well  doctors still don't, but your Veterinarian can ! 

If you are living in Prague or a nearby area,  and you are seeking veterinary services, and you cannot travel with your animal due to work schedule, or your pet is too sick to transport, then " Vet On Call" may be  the right choice for you.

 If your pet gets very nervous when traveling by car, or if you personally have difficulty with adequate transportation, or maybe you can't even  pick up  that heavy cat box, then " Vet On Call" is  the right choice for you.

Or you want  an easy appointment with your Vet in the comfort of your own home or you dont have enough time to get to the vet, and get back home, take care of the kids, feed the family, etc., etc., then " Vet On Call" is  the best choice for you. 

 We offer a  wide spectrum of services, including diagnosis of illness, vaccinations, wound cleaning, stomatology, medical prescriptions and other veterinary procedures. Using a mobile veterinary doctor is the way to go without stress, and it optimizes the health of your animal. 

You won't need to push your scared cat into the transport crate, and you dont need to take time away from your job or your family to go to the vet. You won't need to wait for a long time in waiting rooms where your animal can catch all manner of diseases from other animals. You can have a veterinary appointment and we will come straight to your home in Prague, or the  Stredni Cechy area.

Mobile Vet Doctor

High quality and modern veterinary service in comfort of your home

We are passionate about providing  responsible and professional ways to access veterinary medicine.

We will  advise you in the latest methods of  for preventive programs.

We offer complete veterinary care. If there is a need for emergency hospitalization or other complications or maybe a  difficult surgery, we can do this in a high quality veterinary hospital. Dr. Koudelkova will be present in all these cases to care for and transport your animal.

In vet clinics you often meet a different doctor every time. But if you call a home care vet, you can meet every time with the same doctor, who will give you and your animal more personalized care than what you will find in those busy vet offices. 


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